Hart of preston pale ale: The review


so after a long hiatus, i have been trying to get these reviews done but ultimately life got in the way, i had this beer at one of my favourite pubs in Liverpool along time ago and thought i’d write a little review for you.

Vital stats:

  • brewed in Preston England
  • 3.8% APV
  • Pale ale
  • bought on cask


think this could be described as a bog standard looking cask pale ale, it was golden, Cloudy with only the smallest of heads.


when i brought it up to my nose i got strong whiffs of Hop, Citrus, Lime and Calcium. a standard pale ale.



After a promising start this fails to deliver in the taste department. it was  Flat with only the slightest hint of hops or citrus that you would expect.



this paint cost me three pound and i was ultimately disappointed with it, i was expecting so much more especially after the such a strong showing in both looks and aroma.



thanks in no small part to its lack of flavour this is a very solid session beer, its non offensive and can be drank all day, your level of enjoyment may vary, i know mine was quite low as i expect a little bit more from my pale ales.


in conclusion this was a promising beer to start off with thanks to its strong look and by the books aroma, it had all the hallmarks to be a dependable pale ale that i could recommend to you all, then i tasted it, and all hope i had for it was lost, this affected value in my eyes. The lack of taste did help this beer in the session front though and it actually proved drinkable for a long time, sadly i cant recommend this beer to you the connoisseur im afraid, avoid there are far more exciting pale ales out there.


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