whats in a name: nanny state

Brewdog is known for two things, being bat shit insane when it come to marketing and high APV beers with huge flavour. We all know about the beer served in a taxidermied Qquirrel, we all know that they have the beer with the largest APV content ever but what may shock you is that they are also very capable of producing very low APV beer.

one of Brewdogs more surprising beers is called nanny state, its a 1.1% lager because if it was any less, it would start to venture into the world of non alcoholic beer, its called nanny state  because the Scottish government was trying to ban one of Brewdogs higher APV beers, Tokyo which clocked in at 18.2%. So nanny state fits perfectly in with Brewdogs idea that they are fighting the man, so its called Nanny state purely because the brewery feels that the government are interfering too much in peoples lives and nannying them and they should be allowed to drink what they want.

when asked about nanny state Richard McLelland, the firm’s sales director, said today: ”We are very responsible retailers. People in the UK want to buy beer based on flavour not on alcohol content and BrewDog creates bold, dramatic, flavoursome beers.


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