Brasserie de la Sennne’s ‘ZinneBir’ – The Review

brussells peoples aleAnother beer picked up from the fine ‘Wineyard and Deli’. I can’t really remember what attracted me to this beer, apart from their Belgian-ness. I wanted to try more Belgian stuff, but, y’know, not necessarily 1,000,000% Trappist ‘heaven fuel’… So I got a couple of the more reasonable ABV offerings. Maybe I’ll review the other one I got at some point…

So why these beers in particular? Well, in some ways, I think the labels swayed me. It reminded me of the iconic ‘Rising Sun flag’, crossed with a Kellog’s style goldenness and a wonderful, green treatment of the Senne river winding its way through the civilization of Brussels [hence the subtitle ‘Brussel’s People Ale‘]. We all know Belgium’s reputation for fine beer, so how will this grandly-titled beer fare in my grand opinion?

Vital Stats:

  • 5.8% ABV
  • Brewed in Brussels, Belgium
  • Available in 330ml bottles

Look Very yeasty and cloudy. I never find this look particularly appealing, in all honesty, but I love the positive imagery on the bottle, and was impressed by the head retention. 7/10

Aroma I was expecting this really hoppy bomb, but it’s not like that at all. Much more muted. What I really like is how fresh it smells. Not in a mind-blowing way, but hey… I just really liked it. It’s wheaty and biscuity, and there’s a bit of fruit too, an appley spray, and a grassiness, which I’m a fan of. 8/10

Taste That’s so nice. There’s so much flavour, and it’s so well balanced, with longevity and depth. There’s a nice, slightly tart lemony note cutting through apple [and maybe raspberry?] and apricot. I love how persistent yet balanced the hoppy tang is, and its role in the big, yeasty, baked mouthfeel. Now it’s not explosively different, but it’s strikingly well made. Yes! Much love! 9/10

Value I think it was around the £2.50 mark – some way under, I reckon. It seems like a lot for a wee bottle, but I enjoyed it so much. I’d definitely buy another if they have any more next time I visit the shop, so I think 7/10 is fair.

Session This beer’s both exciting and friendly – a good mix for the session. At nearly 6%, though, it may give you that warm glow a little quickly, and perhaps the sweetness of the fruit could get on your nerves, despite piny notes developing alongside. Thus this is not a perfect score, but if I had to drink this all night [can you imagine the situation where you’d have to drink beer all night? Where would you be?], I’d not be unhappy. 7/10

This is a very impressive, if not radical, beer that would be fine at a party and/or something more sedate. So yummy, I want another one already, and it thoroughly deserves such a respectable score.

Final score: 76/100

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