Innis and Gunn ‘Treacle Porter’ – The Review

DSCN1278Since our summer has been so disappointing, I thought I’d review a winter beer. I guess I think I’m being clever with an ‘ironic beer choice’, or something like that…

I’ve reviewed a fair few Innis and Gunn beers in the past, and, as you’ll know because you religiously read everything, I’m generally a pretty big fan. I like what they stand for, like what they do with their beers [i.e. the oak maturation]… Lovely jubbly. So surely this beer’ll be so wonderful we’ll all forget about our terrible summer – right?

Vital Stats:

Look Yeah they have a nice arty box and there’s lots of beery info on there [tasting notes, history etc]. Same ol’ bottle… fair enough!

In the glass it had a cola head – very fizzy for a few seconds, then dissipated to nowt. Looks like cola in other ways too… There is a sort of a reddy-brown hint when held up to the light, but it’s not impressive. 6/10

Aroma There’s a sour mash, licorice and vanilla smell. It’s quite a strong aroma, not that ‘full’, but I guess you can’t have everything. Not too treacly on the nose, but there’s more than a bit of bonfireiness. 6/10

Taste That’s more like it with the treacle. But that’s largely it. It’s flavoured with treacle and it tastes like treacle… It’s not very bitter, nor complex as a beer. Okay as a drink, though, in the sense that it’s wet and not poisonous [not in an instantly fatal kind of way, at least]. Unimpressive. 3/10

Value In terms of alcoholic ‘bang for your buck’, it’s alright. Cheap, I mean. It’s so much like cola, I feel I should be paying cola prices… At only £1.99 I’d give it 7/10

Session I had a couple of these, and the second one seemed better. I picked up a bit more of the wheaty flavours and the nuttiness on the palate. Still, it was far too cloying to have more, and I ain’t hard enough to withstand a lot of 7.4%. 6/10

Worst Innis and Gunn I’ve ever had. It wasn’t absolutely awful, just disappointing based on their usual standards. Then again, there’s so many people that have enjoyed it – and let’s not forget that it’s a revival of a traditional recipe and therefore interesting on a brewing level – I’d feel bad if I advised you not to try it. Still, my score stands thusly:

Final score: 56/100

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