Purple Moose ‘Dark Side of the Moose’ – The Review

I made some notes about this beer a long time ago, back at The Royal Bar in Morecambe‘s 2014 beer festival. It was a great evening: free to get in, two bars, friends to chat to, the vague whisper of a promise of beer sausages… All across from the iconic Eric Morecambe statue, what more could you want?

Anyway, rambling aside, I’d tried one beer that I was sure I’d like, the Dark Star ‘American Pale Ale‘, one that came highly recommended, the Red Willow ‘Directionless’, then thought I’d go for one that had won awards and wasn’t something I’d normally immediately go for. If this was Goldilocks, of course, this third beer would be ‘just right’, but just what did I think of this Welsh offering, the third of the night? You’ve come this far, you may as well read on now!

Vital Stats:

Look Not very attracted to the pump clip, but hey, it scores high on the funny punny title. In the glass it looks like flat cola, clear browns and blacks with a lovely creamy, long-lasting head. Groovy. 8/10

Aroma Fruity, creamy, coffee. ‘Nuff said! 8/10

Taste Nice roasty malts mingle with a light coffee loveliness. The fruity notes are actually quite light – I think I get blackberries… maybe raspberry too – and its bitterness  certainly stands up to the sweetness. 8/10

Value It was £2.25 a pint, which is a great price in my book [incidentally it’s that cheap at The Ranch House too!]. Has to score a 9/10!

Session It doesn’t develop much on the palate. But then it’s interesting because it’s not too dark to be just an ‘end of the night’ beer. In my opinion, it could your first of the night, you could have a session on it – it’s good whenever! 9/10

It’s not hard to see why this beer’s won so many different awards, and consistently over a long period of time too. On the face of it, it seems like they’re more ‘traditional’ than Tiny Rebel, a few of whose beers I’ve reviewed earlier, but when they brew so well, that’s definitely no detriment. Give it a go!

Final score: 84/100


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