Oranjeboom: The review

The danger of the beer enthusiast at Christmas is that you get more beer than you can drink, although I hate the word in enthusiast because who isn’t one at five o’clock on a Friday when they’ve just finished the work week. So not only do my parents and family get me really weird beers but they also seem to get me weird beers from far away lands. This is how I got this particular beer, it hails from the Netherlands and as far as I can tell is not currently available for purchase in the uk. So let’s get into this pilsner from the land of orange.


Vital statistics:


  • Brewed in the Netherlands
  • 5% APV
  • pilsner
  • comes in 500ml can




It was golden brown; I hope it has a texture like some. If you don’t get that reference, we cant be friends. It had a massive volumous head that struggled to be contained by the glass. Somewhat lively in the glass, this is going to score quite highly from me.




That aroma that we have come to expect from pilsners is all present, it also has that distive dutch larger smell, if your wondering what that is pick up a heinikein or Amstel,they all smell the same. I personally think it’s the water in the Netherlands.




Now these dutch beers normally do it for me, they usually make my tongue dance and pulse, sadly though this one is not doing it for me in any way. Its somehow bitter and sweet at the same time and it makes it very sickly, this coupled with the high alcohol level just puts me off this.




I have no idea how much this was and im too afraid to ask because it was a Christmas present, I’m going to apply some simple logic to it and ask if I would buy this in the pub? The answer to that one is no, if I had a choice of beers this one would rank rather low on the list of drinks I would want to drink.




That sickly sweet taste ruins the whole experience, its present though out that drink and as a result this beer does not session well.



in conclusion this beer started out so promising thanks to its solid looks and aroma, sadly it was not to last though because it all goes down hill, as the taste which is the biggest factor let this beer down in a big way. This lack of taste would sadly affect both the value and session scores insuring that I cant recommend this beer.




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