Beavertown 8 ball rye IPA – the review


Well after a rather rough 2015 I am starting to get myself back out there and out of the rut i’ve been in, and one of the easiest way to do that is place an increased emphasis on the page, this page was originally started as a means to make me try new beers and in 2015 i failed to with that little introduction out of the way lets get down to the review.

Vital statistics:

  • Rye IPA
  • 6.2% APV
  • Brewed in the London, UK


It was golden brown with a huge voluminous white head. not much to comment on.



Smells fantastic, I don’t know how many of you have had the pleasure of rye bread, I know its huge in Germany and Australia but in the uk its not very well known , well I grew fond of it while I was in Australia and would often enjoy it toasted for breakfast and when I smell this beer it instantly takes me back to those mornings in Australia. Im doing a first here, i’m giving this a perfect score.



Sadly the taste will fail to live up to those lofty heights, that is to say this is a fine tasting beer, its very dry, short lived on the tongue with a slightly bitter note on the back of the tongue with a surprisingly sweet taste on the front of the tongue. A surprisingly refreshing beer.



This isn’t a cheap pint and beaver town would never claim to be a brewer to serve that market. Its all about what you want from a beer, if you want something powerful that your likely to only have a couple then this is a fine beer, if your looking to drink yourself stupid then you wont like this.



This is a high APV beer and normally they don’t session well but this is a truly wonderful experience, saying that i enjoyed it is one thing but this beer was high on alcohol and high on flavour. i enjoyed a couple of these but i don’t think I could have the third.


in conclusion this is a fine beer that i will definitely have again, it looked amazing smelt like a gift from the gods, tasted brilliant and i felt was worth every penny. sadly i cant drink more than two of them but to have this as a occasional treat is fine by me.



Listening to bowie space oddity bought from Brewdog Liverpool.

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