Grunion pale ale – The review

So i drank this beer while working on a particularly difficult assignment and by working i off course mean dealing with the sad news that one of the greatest musicians ever had passed. i drank this beer while coming to terms with the sad death of David bowie but i often find beer to be a great comfort in all things.

Vital statistics:

  • brewed in california, USA
  • American Pale ale
  • 5.5% APV
  • purchased from Brew dog


it was Golden brown with a very holy white head. it looked like a pale ale should.



A very strong smell of Citrus, similar to that of lime cordial, it was very harsh and left a very weird burning  feeling on the back of my nose. Not good.



Theres that very bitter cordial flavour again. Its like this beer is trying to imitate a pale ale without understanding the numances of a pale ale. Very middle of the road.



not worth the money in my opinion, i wouldn’t buy this beer again, id rather buy some lime cordial its pretty much the same thing.



unsurprisingly this beer doesn’t session well and its all because of that damn overwhelming citrus flavouring.


in conclusion this was a very disappointing beer, although it looks good, much like anna korniikova its not going to win any championships. sadly in every other area this beer fails to deliver, fails in aroma, taste, session and as a result value. avoid, avoid.


Listening to bowie Space Oddity bought from Brewdog Liverpool.

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