rexfeatures_2975065avSo today someone sent me an interesting article concerning weatherspoons, well i say interesting, what i really mean is strange because lets be honest there is nothing interesting about weatherspoons, if weatherspoons was to have its own colour it would be egg shell white, we all know its white but there desperately trying to be “cool” and “edgy” so they invent this whole new colour just because.

so the article in question was in vice and it was about a women who wants to visit every single weatherspoons in the country, i mean how much do you not wish to meet this women, i think my personal idea of hell would be having dinner with this women in a weatherpoons, eating their bland currys that have been microwaved to within an inch of its life.

so i decided to write about this because honestly it has some beautiful and truly wonderful quotes.

There’s a unique atmosphere in Wetherspoons on weekday mornings. Without music or the bustle of a busy evening, the pub I’m in feels remarkably still, the silence only broken by the occasional plod of pint glass on table.

yeah the atmosphere of desperation.

“Well, I’m retired now,” Mags explains, “which is good, because this is basically a full-time job. But before I retired I was a personal secretary, and I organised trips for my bosses, so I suppose that helps. To make a trip worthwhile, I need to visit at least seven Wetherspoons.”

“At first we’d go on holiday, and wherever we went we’d look for Wetherspoons pubs,” she says. “But then we turned it round – we looked to see where the Wetherspoons pubs were and hooked the holiday around that.”

i think i’ll stick to lanzorette personally

Now i admire Mags eccentric nature, i’d like to think i’m very similiar but honestly the way Vice have written this they make her out to be some kind of hero, Vice you better than that, personally i smell some advertising money from weatherspoons because this is a puff piece if i ever saw one.

if you’d like to read the puff piece yourself, you can here

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