Dead pony club

deadpony3So with brewdogs new AGM taking palce up there in the dark wet north i thought i would take a look at some of brew dog latest beers, and by latest i mean a beer that been around for a while but i never got round to reviewing until now. Say what you will about brewdog, there ability to self promote, there often garish marketing methods (a taxidermied squirrel anyone?) they do make great pubs and my fair city just got one. now its not really for me, yes it has a fantastic beer selection but honestly i prefer my pubs with years and years of booze stains from the many great moments that have happen there. despite not really being my type of pub i do like the fact that they let me take away any beer they have on display for use at home, its a nice feature and honestly i think it may start becoming my go to off license. at this point i think i should stop waffling on and get down to the nitty gritty  of actually reviewing this fine beer.

Vital statisics:

  • Brewed in scotland
  • 5% APV
  • Come in 330ml bootle and can
  • American style pale ale


Dead pony club, like most Brewdog beers comes in both a bootle and a can, they have the standard modern blocky label, perosnally i always prefer the look of the cans because there smaller and cuter. when poured it was Golden brown, cloudy and produced a single finger stark white head. it was a very lively Californioan pale ale and you do indeed feel this in the stomach.



The Californian pale ale is known for its big bold hoppy flavours, trust the yanks to take a stable of the british drinking scene for generations and take it to its natural heights and do it in a natrually american way. known for their big and bold antics it is only natrual that their beer should follow this model. this beer was hoppy, i dont know why but at this moment i am craving the hops like never before, must be the good weather. this style of beer is also known for combining severel types of hops and when i put it up to my nose i got two distinct types of hops, quite rare for something so bold and bombastic to also hint at the care a delicancy that goes into it.



The subtly shown in the aroma is present here, strange to write thos words in regards to brewdog but they have been releasing these toned down beers recently and i appreciate it. Dead pony club had a slightly hoppy taste on the tongue but it quickly disappeared, it was a very subtle beer but what flavour it does have it goes a long way.



Subtly is the key here, and that subtly makes this a wonderful session beer with each beer going down well, a little too well if im honest.



A fantastic value if you ask me, i walk past a brew dog pub most days on my way home and i often head in a grab another of these beers. thats all you really need to know really.


In conclusion this is a fabulous beer from brew dog, it looked spot on, subtly was the key here as the aroma had hoppy subtle undertones that was echoed in the taste profile. This is a great session beer and i consider it great value for money, i might call this Brewdogs best beer and i know thats controversal.


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