Albino squid assassin

1450369972AlbinoSquidAssassin_1.LEADAnother day another brewdog beer, i’ve not always enjoyed IPA’s, i find the strong Hoppy taste is often overpowering and a little too much for me, too distracting as it were. The acception to this rule is the rye IPA, i discovered these thanks to beavortown, honestly i’ll drink anything they release at this point, i first discovered this variety a little while ago thanks like i said to Beavor town (review), so when ever i see a rye ipa and always pick it up and give it a try.

Vital statisics:

  • 7.2% Apv
  • brewed in scotland
  • small batch
  • Rye IPA
  • comes in 330ml can
  • bought from a brewdog pub


I will admit that it was the art that attracted me to this beer, featuring a squid with a knife. i mean given that image why wouldnt i pick it up? when i picked it up and noticed that it was a Rye IPA and its fate was sealed, i was going to review this beer. In the glass the beer was Toffee in colour with a white white head, about 1 and a half fingers in depth. it was also very lively with a high level of head retention, the head lasted right until the end of this beer.



The aroma eminating from this beer was heaven sent, a fantastic hoppy citrus god send. you got both a huge kick of hops and that citrus kick we’ve all come to expect.



despite the aroma being so pleasing the taste is a strange beast, i honestly cant place it, it isnt hoppy, theres no bitterness and the rye is no where to be found. all three flavours seem to be trying to be the only flavour and as a result they all fail to deliver. the sensation on the tongue is rather nice though, it has a nice tingling from the front to the back of the tongue but ultimately i was disappointed by this beer.



cant really say that this is good value for money, its a small batch beer so it wont be a round forever but honestly go for something else, there are much better options available.



although i dont consider this to be a good value for money i cant deny its good session beer, mostly because that taste what little there is isnt too offensive.


in conclusion the looks and the aroma were all spot on with this beer but the taste failed to deliver, something of a strange occurence for brewdog, there known for one thing and that is big flavour and as a result this beer fails to deliver on that premise. due to its failure to deliver on the taste i cant say this is good value for money but due to its subtle flavour though it can be a good session beer.



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