Elvis juice

1456220704unspecified4so i continue my look at Brewdogs ever increasing list of beers, its almost like they opened an off license close to my house or something, i dont know what it is about the great wet and cold of the scotish countryside that makes these guys so obsessed with IPAs but they seem to like them, they seem intent on making every variety of IPA its possible to make and this week they have made a grapefruit infused IPA that is apparently inspired by Elvis.

Vital statisics

  • brewed in scotland
  • Grapefruit infused IPA
  • 6.5% APV
  • comes in 330ml cans and bottles


you know that thing were you get an image in your head and any deviation from that image is somehow wrong, well thats what happened with this beer i think, i will admit that unusually for me i actively went out looking for this beer and if im honest when i read grapefruit i got this image in my head that perhaps it would have a little colour to it, i expected it to be pink if im honest and was disappointed with it when it wasn’t, i always enjoy a little drama with my beer, makes it a little bit more special. saying that though what i actually got was a rather bland looking beer, sure is was golden in colour, like a beer should be but there was very little activity in the glass with barely any head, not things ive come to expect from brewdog. this was very middle of the road.



this beer was very sweet on the nostril, you certainly get the grapefruit but very little else, luckily for them im a fan of grapefruit.



this is a very strange beer on the tongue, somehow its both overpowering and lacklustre simulataneously. you get the grapefruite and the bitterness of the hops but rather than getting a layered nuanced flavour you get both at once, they seem to fight with each other for supremacy so no one flavour comes across, somehow this beer is both sickly sweet and bitter all at once. ultimately not an impressive thing for me, there such a thing as playing a little too much a recipe and think thats what happened here, there were too many cooks in the kitchen as it were.



i honestly cant say that this was great value for money, ultimately this catagory is and will always be about how much we enjoyed this beer and ultimately i didnt enjoy it, i wouldnt get a second of these beers and if i never had one again i’d be a happy man.



that sickly sweet flavour is the reason this fails as a session beer, when i was drinking this beer and watching wrestling with my housemate, yeah, i know im so cool, my housemate turned to me and asked while i kept making the face i was, that face dear reader was one of disgust, each mouthful was less pleasurable than the last and i was happy when it was over so i could move onto another beer.


in conclusion this beer started off promising so much, it comes from a brewer known for doing crazy things, a brewer known for its IPAs but ultiately that hope quickly faded into obscurity, it was too flat for what i expect from an IPA, the taste in the mouth couldnt decide weather it wanted to be sweet or bitter and as a result it failed to deliver on both, the one saving grace for this beer though was the aroma which delivered on its grapefruit promise, the only part of this beer that delivered on that promise ultimatley though. a huge disappointment for me.


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