Goose island 312


312 is one of the darlings of the american craft beer craze, It has found success that saw it get the attention of the one the biggest brewers worldwide, Budweiser. Although this is no longer the independent darling that it once was it doesn’t mean it no longer has a place within the wider craft beer market because its not about the where its brewed but about how its brewed and how it tastes.

Vital statistics:

Beer Style : Wheat Beer
Strength : 4.4%
Country of origin: America
Brewer : Goose Island
Vessel / Case : 24×35.5cl


This is very pale for a wheat beer, Its light and golden in colour, with a small white head and some light carbonation. I guess its only the Germans that like their wheat beers to look like as white as a ghost, this is the second wheat beer I have reviewed recently with a lighter look a kin to a larger. it appears as though the Americans will reject anything that doesn’t look like as pale as the moon.



This has a very strong hoppy aroma but ultimately 312 has a very indescribable smell. The only thing I can say about the aroma is that it smells like a very weak wheat beer. Nothing truly amazing here but nothing that would turn anyone away.



What this beer lacks in smell it more than makes up for in taste, This has a very rich full flavored kick to it, You can really taste the hops in this beer and with a smooth aftertaste this beer hits all the right notes for me.



There is a big difference in price in regards to this beer and although this is an American beer i found it in Tesco’s for £1.80 but it has been known to go up as high as £3.50 in the pub. I am very happy with what i paid for it and the value is subjective here, I’m going to give it an 8 with the cheviot that i only paid £1.80 for it, I think this would have been lower if i paid the 3.50 my local was asking though.



This is a very session beer, the first one goes down well followed by the second and if im truly honest i may occasionally indulge in a third. The lack of any big flavor in this beer makes it very much sessionable and a far better option than most of Budweiser other beers.



In conclusion this is a very solid performing beer, What its lacks in any real aroma it more than makes up taste and thanks to the huge price range you can get this beer fairly cheap. this beer gets a solid 74 from me and is a very good session beer, especially in this lovely weather we’ve been having recently.



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