Camden Town Pale Ale


so after my year in Australia and drinking what they considered beer i was naturally a little spent in many regards, i was naturally homesick and feeling a little low in many ways. so i got back and for the first time in my life i was happy to see England, which is strange considering i landed in the south and I’m a northerner in every way. i also wanted a decent beer and Camden pale ale was the first beer i had upon my return to England and as a result will always hold a special place in my deep black corn husk of a heart. uit also helped that it wasn’t a bad beer either.

Vital stats:

  • American pale ale
  • 4.0% APV
  • comes in 330ml bottle or can
  • brewery is living wage employer
  • brewed in camden, london


it was golden like nectar or honey with a strong robust head, it also came in this truly glorious tankard with a huge camden brewery logo on. although we say personality is all that counts (if that was the case i’d have a little more luck in the love department) but looks can’t be overlooked, and in the world of stodgy cloudy real ales this is most definitely in the super model category, now i won’t admit to obtaining one of those glasses illegally but I’m currently drinking a certain carbonated beverage from it, so read into that what you will. sadly it wasn’t very lively for a pale ale but it is truly succulent after a long day or even longer flight.



it was Hoppy and citrusy, you definitely got a hint of lime coming through and its everything you’ve come to expect from the pale ales of new and old.



it was hoppy full flavoured and slightly bitter. it was truly a beautiful sight to behold and has become one of my go to beers since arriving back in the UK.



value is a subjective thing and naturally this beers isn’t one of those cheap lagers you can get for penny’s on the dime but personally i think its worth every single penny.



this is a great session beer, its nuanced well balanced flavours hold up over the course of a day.


In conclusion this is one of those rare beers that ticks all the boxes for me, even some of my favourite beers in the world (usually porters) bore me after extended drinking sessions, this beer though is the opposite, i am more in love with it with each passing session and this month i shall be visiting the brewery to try the rest of their range. in summary this is a wonderful pale ale that i think you should all try.



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