Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin


So its that time of the year yet again, a time of love and joy, of stupid costumes and consuming so much sugar that diabetes may be a problem in your future, no, i’m surprisingly not talking about Christmas but Halloween, that day of the year were children are allowed to approach strangers and ask for candy without it being weird in any way, for us beer lovers how ever its also the time of the year when every pub seems to have a hobgoblin on tap.

vital stats:

  • 5.2% APV
  • brewed in England
  • Brewed by Wychwood brewery
  • Britsh Ale
  • comes in 500ml bottles, 5 litre kegs and on tap at your local
  • unofficial beer of halloween



It was Chocolate brown, very similar to toffee or deep varnish. the closest comparison i can find to describe this beer is with the chocolate Rolo, its very similar in colour and flavour but i’ll talk more on that later. This was a very active and quite a light beer with this voluminous white head that stayed uninvited for such a long time, quite like a lodger that refuses to leave.



It came with a Nutty aroma that was fairly easy to find, a lovely seasonal smell perfect for the autumn months. Reminded me of roasted nuts.



The aroma was only the start of this beers surprises, it had a Roasted nutty flavour with just a hint of malty caramel. Although despite being big on flavour the texture was rather lacking, this ale was very watery and somehow lifeless in the mouth. strange feeling to have about something that was ticking all the boxes when i started drinking it.



This beer is fairly cheap and easy to  find, i will always prefer much smaller more independent batches of beer but i also appreciate this beer being on the shelf, this may be a persons first foray into the real ale world and this ale for all its faults still has a lot more going for it than most the mass market lager that they can get on special that week.



i went to town on this drink, i tried it in all its available forms, firstly i tried it in a bottle and thats what produced that watery underdeveloped texture, i then tried it in a keg which produced the robust flavours that i spoke about earlier and finally i tried this as a draft beer, which produces a wonderful caramel laced ale. this is such a weird ale, sometimes its amazing and others it boring and bland, i have given this a seven and would recommend that you avoid the bottle and try your best to find this on draft, or failing that a can because lets be honest a big keg is just a can.



This was a beer of great contrast, i enjoyed drinking it on tap at my local so much that i purchased some for the fridge at home and found them lacking many of the home beer qualities, this is something i would struggle to give someone if they came round to my house but i’d still happily buy them a pint of it in the pub. For all the good there is on offer in this beer there are also bad points that i just cant bring myself to overlook, the feel of the beer in my mouth, while this may strike you as petty i just cant overlook it, this coupled with the rather differing experiences from one drinking vessel to the next made this a rather jarring and yet somehow enjoyable experience. despite my quite contradicting opinions on this beer i would recommend that next Halloween when its available in your local pub you give it a try.



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