Marble Arch Brewery Pale ale (MPA)


I’m a scouser born and bred, i’m so Scouse that when i grow my hair i start to look like the men off harry enfield, i’m that Scouse that i look like a parody of my own Scouseness, i have the curly hair and yes i do have a funny way of saying “chicken and chips”. This has seen me reviewing some beers from my city recently but for this one i ventured to our neighbour in the east, Manchester to see whose beer is better. I’m going to let you in on something, its Liverpool but then i could be a little biased.

Vital stats:


in the glass the beer was toffee in colour, it was somewhat active but had a very little head, id describe it more as an ale rather than a pale ale in look, i guess no one let them know it was suppose to be pale in colour. despite that it looked like a pretty solid ale.



Not only did it look like ale is smelt like ale as well, nothing really stands out in the aroma of this beer it just smells like a generic middle of the road ale.



This is a pretty solid standard ale that you could have in any pub on this fair island, this isnt a slight on the beer, sometimes this is what you need, much like a comfort blanket sometimes you want to go in, order a drink and know exactly what you getting. that is this beer all over its not amazing but its not offensive either. Although you do get a slight taste of lime in the aftertaste. This is a very middle of the road beer.



This is a very inoffensive beer, you get what you pay for here, its neither brilliant or bad it just is and theres nothing wrong with that. sometimes you just want a beer cold at the end of the day and this fits the bill and can be found reasonably priced nearly everywhere.



This is a pretty solid session beer, i have nothing to say about this beer due to it being totally unremarkable and that actually helps it in the session, you can literally drink this all night long and not even realise,


As i have said throughout this review, this beer is rather unremarkable, its very middle of the road and plain, saying that though it does offer more than generic larger “A” that you’ll find in most pubs. it looked ordinary, smelt like an ale and even tastes like one. if this was a colour it would simply be egg shell white, ordinary but with aspiration of grandeur.



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