Brewdog’s Jack hammer


Another week, another Brewdog beer, Brewdog made their name doing these big bold flavoursome beers. This is a hit and miss strategy for me. Some of their beer are amazing while others fall flat. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground in this regards, this beer is most definitely on the latter end of the scale falling flat with a rather strange taste.

Vital stats:



This beer claims to be a IPA, i don’t understand what Brewdog’s obsession with them is but every other beer they produce seems to be an IPA, despite this being an IPA this beer was very clear in the glass, not very lively and looked quite flat, not to mention a complete lack of head. very strange considering this is an IPA from Brewdog and normally they pride themselves as being over the top.



The aroma is where this beer starts to fall apart, naturally i got the bitter hops that the bottle promised but i think they over delivered and added a little too much, the more i smelt this the more the beer started to smell like stinging nettles, not a good quality in my opinion.



so i thought that nettle smell was an anomaly and it turns out it wasn’t, this beer tastes of nettles as well, very bitter nettles, this tastes like something Hugh Fernley Whitingstall would serve to people on his TV show while he stands over them while they fake satisfaction sounds. This just isn’t for me, if thats you cup of tea fine but its not mine.



Coupled with the unusual flavour, this beer was expensive, i bought it in my local Brewdog and after drinking it i thought i paid too much.


oh the session, that part of the review were we discuss the process of drinking lots of this particular beer, this is not a session beer by any stretch of the imagination. that bitter taste kept coming back over and over again and its not pleasant on the first mouthful let alone the tenth.


In conclusion this beer fails to deliver for me, on the Brewdog website they claim this is bitter and i agree but there is such a thing as too bitter for me and this is most definitely too bitter, both on the tongue and the nostrils, due to this bitterness i didn’t enjoy drinking this beer and cant recommend it to any one currently.



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