Brewdog’s Indie Pale Ale


So today’s review sees us stepping onto the familiar ground in that we go to that darling of the British Craft beer revolution, BrewDog. Brewdog is known for three things, their bombastic advertising, their bombastic kick you in the mouth flavours of their beers and their strict adherence to their small independent spirit. The ultimate problem with the latter though is that as the brewery gets biggers and bigger that independent spirit often leaves the company and not spoil the upcoming review but there is nothing other than the external packaging to tell me that this is made by BrewDog.


  • Pale ale
  • Brewed in Scotland
  • brewed by Brewdog
  • 4.2% APV
  • drank from 330ML can
  • Bought at Asda


Let’s start like we do with any beer on this site and look at what the beer is housed in. this beer came in a standard 330ML can, it had a simple design with the mission statement of this particular beer.

Indie Pale Ale is an icon of independence, destined to live independently. This is Craft Beer for the People.

A 4.2% pale ale for the 21st century; stripped back and sessionable, this beer is designed to be accessible.

Indie Pale Ale delivers light hints of pear and banana, set against a caramel and biscuit malt backbone. It is suitable for any drinking occasion and ready to go when you (or anyone else) needs it.

the beer poured into the glass was golden, clear with a single finger head and very little carbonation. it looks more akin to a larger than a pale ale if I’m honest. this is in no way what I was expecting when I poured this into the glass.



you’re going to start seeing a pattern develop when I talk about this beer for the rest of the review but there isn’t much in the way of aroma. it doesn’t smell offensive or anything it just smells of meh again I’m starting to think this may be a Larger.



so this beer looks like a larger, smells like a larger and you might be surprised to hear that it also tastes like larger and by that I mean it tastes of very little. this could be any larger and you’d never even know. this beer lacks any real flavour is the real disappointment here, I go to BrewDog for big hoppy flavours and I feel they’ve abandoned that idea with this beer.



this beer was cheap but that doesn’t mean I’m going to recommend it to you. if you looking for a beer that in no way amazes you then this will be the one for you. if you’re looking for something a little bit more from your beer then there are so much many better options.



finally, somewhere this beer does ok in, that unoffensive taste of the previous section makes this a tolerable session beer.


this beer isn’t a bad beer, its unoffensive in every way but coming from Brewdog this beer is very disappointing. Brewdog as a brewery has made their name by producing big flavour with no compromising beers and they achieved great success doing it. I mean everyone understands what Brewdog are looking to offer, even the non-beer nerds. this is not the BrewDog I have come to know. they describe this beer as for the masses and as result, they have made many compromises, this beer is so middle of the road that if it started advertising on football kits I would be surprised. it lacks anything substantial in any way and in all honesty, this should be called a larger but something tells me that Brewdog arent will admit that ultimately what they’ve designed here is a very middle of the road completely indistinguishable from the others larger.

honestly, if you put a Coors Lite in the glass I wouldn’t have been able to tell and that’s just a sad state of affairs.



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