Liverpool Craft’s Love lane Pale Ale


So today we continue our look at the beers of Liverpool Craft beer, this follows on from the highest rated beer we’ve ever reviewed (here) and surprisingly our lowest ever (here), both of which come from this brewery. i’ve also said that this is my one of my favourite brewerys in liverpool, that being said though we dont have too many brewiers up here on the banks of the mersey. this beer has often become my default beer in my local and something i recommend everyone try.

Vital stats:

  • pale ale
  • brewed in Liverpool, England
  • 4.5% APV
  • drank on draft from the grapes liverpool


in the glass this beer was golden and very active, almost as active as a five year old hopped up on artifical colours, it also had a bold and bombastic two finger head that clunge tot he glass for dear life throughout the life of this beer.



This beer also delivers on the nostril, it was bold, packed full of citrus and incredibly hoppy.



To say i like this beer would not be doing it justice, when i first had it it quickly entered my top 10 and may have rekindled my love for the pale ale. the flavour of this beer explodes in the mouth with just the right hit of bitterness.

I love this beer. Its one of my go to beers.



This beer get a solid buy from me, i bought it, i enjoyed it and would happily buy it again.



This is a great session beer, ive been known to drink it all night with zero problems. i also recommend it to who ever will listen.


In conclusion this is a solid beer from Liverpool craft. it looks fantastic, is great on the noise, delivers on the flavour and you can drink it all night long. yes i did just do that. i naturally consider it great value for money and would highly recomend it to anyone who will listen.



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