Liverpool craft’s West coast pale ale

IMG_0622After last weeks bevvy of Brewdog beers, I’ll be taking a look at some beers closer to home, we’ll be looking at Liverpool craft beer company’s beers, this review is for West coast pale ale and as a little preview, this has become one of my favourite beers to enjoy in sunny Liverpool.

Vital stats:

  • brewed in Liverpool
  • comes in 330ml bottles
  • Californian pale ale
  • 6.2% APV


this beer comes in a 330ml bottle with a simple green and white label, it was incredibly lively in the glass, when I poured this out I guestimate it was 90% head, lovely frothy white head. when I got the head down to a reasonable size the beer was cloudy and toffee in colour.



something has changed for me in recent months, i seem to be craving hops, wonderful bitter hops and when i put this to my nose that’s exactly what i got, beautiful hops with a little citrus thrown in for good measure. it was very yeasty yet also inviting even if it did make the eyes water slightly.



this is a beer full of bold flavours, its very hoppy and yeasty, perfect for the beer garden if you ask me. despite this big bold flavour its still somewhat delicate on the tongue, although its big on flavour its quite quick to dissipate, it gives you just enough to want more and never overstays its welcome.



i personally think this is fantastic value for money, especially at this time of year. there is a link between the weather and beer  if you ask me, a beautiful sunny day does so much to improve your overall mood that its not hard to assume that it also improves whatever your drinking, this is why you’ll think Estrella is the best larger ever when your drinking it on a beach in Spain but even the most beautiful beer can be a truly miserable experience if your cold and wet. i’ve tried this beer a lot and each time I’ve love it, in winter I’ve even been known to use this to remind me of sunnier climates.



this is a great session beer, honestly i can’t say enough good things about this beer. I’ve had it a lot, I’ve had one at the end of the day and several in a day session with friends. i love it and would recommend it to you all over and over again.


this could be the highest rated beer we’ve ever done had on all hail the ale and obviously its hit all areas for me.  its starts by looking great, follows this by hoppy and lively aroma and follows this with powerful hoppy goodness that i’ve come to love, because it delivers in all areas naturally its great value for money and honestly i could drink hundreds of these without ever getting bored. it deserves such a great score and i recommend it to everyone who will listen.



1 thought on “Liverpool craft’s West coast pale ale

  1. Sounds great! Will have to try some next time I’m down your way sir.

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