Beer52’s Cascade


EU_CascadeSo today I take us in a new and I hope interesting direction in that I review a beer that’s exclusive to an online beer club. This was part of an interesting experiment by beer 52 in that they took a base recipe and changed one aspect of it in order to educate you on the subtle and nuanced differences each ingredient can make. In this case, it changes the hops between two otherwise identical beers, more on that later. So has this experiment proven a success or just failed to deliver?

Like its American counterpart, this beer uses Cascade both for bittering and dry hopping, the only difference being these hops were grown in Belgium. Chlenge yourself to discover the nuanced differences in ‘terroir’ between the pair.



  • Brown bottle
  • 330ML
  • 6% APV
  • Brewed by beer 52
  • Belgian Terrior single hop IPA



Comes in a small bottle with an orange label, if you’ve ever had a Belgian beer then you’ve seen very similar designs before. Much like this country has standardised around the 500ML can the Belgians have standardised around this form factor. This beer initially promised so much with a head that was overflowing the glass but it disappeared quicker than myself when the pregnancy test turns positive. Once the head was gone it was another matter, that coupled with its apple juice look made this beer look very flat and off.



Sometimes I ramble a little in these reviews but honestly, all that you need to know is this beer had a strong bitter off-putting smell and as a result is far from inviting myself in for a drink.



An initial burst of bitterest followed by a very strong off-putting taste that lingers on the front of the tongue far too long.



This beer is hard to place a value on because I can’t seem to find it available for sale anywhere, it appears as though the only way to get this beer is to subscribe to their beer club and if I’m honest judging by some of the beers they sent me this isn’t worth the price of admission.



This isn’t a very good session beer, that bitter aftertaste means this is a beer you wouldn’t be happy to have 2 of or three of or even more.


while I commend Beer52 on their experiment, it really did teach me a lot about beer, especially how different hop varieties affect the flavour but this is not a beer I can recommend. the biggest hurdle facing this beer is how hard it is to get and if Beer 52 wish to use these exclusive beers to get more people to stay within their ecosystem then they must improve the quality. the biggest sin this beer has though is just how bad it is, only really reaching the height of mediocre at a push.




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