Liverpool Craft’s Rye Pale Ale


So we continue our look at the beers of the Liverpool craft brewery after the truly stellar beer that was their west coast pale ale (review) comes their Rye pale ale. To say these two contrast would be a huge understatement, I’m a fan of the rye pale ale, I actively seek it out and have been trying to review as many of them as possible recently but this left we with a bitter taste in my mouth.

Vital stats:

  • brewed in Liverpool
  • a rye pale ale
  • available in Keg/Cask/Bottle
  • bought at BrewDog Liverpool
  • Bought in a 330ML bottle
this beer was cloudy and looked like apple juice in the glass, it also had no head to speak of and it was very flat. If I’m honest I’ve made homebrew that looked quite similar, but then I am adverse to filtering my beer as I like to bottle ferment. this beer was not bottle fermented so they cant even use that as an excuse for this horrid looking beer. this looks more akin to a glass of scrumpy than a pale ale.
delivered nothing so there’s not really anything to say.
on the tongue, though this does at least offer something, you do get a kick of rye and a hint of citrus but not much, shame they’re both buried quite deep down. I’m really struggling with this beer I’m not going to lie, I’m trying so hard to find things to say.
As I said in my previous review I consider Liverpool craft to be one  of my top brewerys and this beer is just a shame, they make two of my favourite beers (more on the second later), if I see one of their beers on tap im likely to pick it up but I can honestly say I didnt enjoy this beer in any way, sure I can find some good things to say, if I look hard enough and believe me im looking pretty damn hard because I dont want this to be true but I cant recommend this to anyone.
to top it off the Flavour of this beer doesn’t travel too well, the more you drink the more bitter it becomes, perhaps it’s feeding the bitterness in my soul but each mouthful of this was worse than the last.
this beer was a huge disappointment for me especially as their last beer was so great and the beer to come is one of my go-to beers. this looked like homemade cider only without any real aroma. what little taste there was bitter and overpowering, all of these factors mean that this isn’t good value for money and I cant call this a very good session beer. a true shame.

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