Faith northern monk

So on a recent trip to leeds, I was determined to see what this town had in terms of beer and everything craft beer and was I ever amazed. Not only does Leeds have a thriving craft beer scene, with some of the countries best new and upcoming breweries and a truly staggering selection available throughout the city, more cities should be this accepting of different drinking experiences.
Vital stats:
  • Brewed in leed
  • Brewed by Northern monk
  • 5.4%
    • Light in colour, full in mouthfeel and packing a resinous soft fruit punch, this beer reinforces your Faith in our beloved Hop.

This came in a large Red and black can, I believe many parts of the world refer to it as a tall boy. The beer was Hazy and golden just like the can promised with a four finger head that held on for dear life. Boy did that white creamy head has staying power.
The aroma started off sweet with a bitter kick towards the tail of the inhale.
In all honestly, I may have found my new favourite beer and I may have a more permanent place in my beer fridge. it was very clean with a sweet taste that sends exploded from the tongue and would hit the roof of the mouth. An interestingly nuanced and complex flavour profile that just keeps building and building.
so as I have said on many occasions but value is truly a subjective way to look a this but in all honestly I pay stupid amounts of cash for beer and when it’s this good it’s truly worth every penny and I think you should try this beer post haste.
now after I came back from Leeds I was lucky enough to find a place in Liverpool that stocked this beer and I’m not going to I overindulged but let’s just say you don’t get to my waist size without an appreciation for all things naughty. This beer never missed a beat with every can I drank the flavour was ever present and never overwhelmed my pallet.


this is a truly fantastic beer and delivers in all areas, it looks awesome in the glass with an aroma that serves as an excellent introduction for what is about to happen and in the mouth, this beer is nuanced complex and just keeps delivering right to the last drop. in all honesty I could keep waxing lyrical about this beer for many more words but alls I’m going to say is try it and then try a second one.


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