Two roads IPA

so today we take a look at another ipa, i know I’ve been doing a lot of these big flavoursome IPAS recently and the reason why is a rather simple one, have you seen the weather? I mean its hot! And when the weather i like this I don’t want to drink a thick and dark stout i want some flavoursome and light and refreshing rather than something tick and warming. Don’t worry though normal service will return in around a month when the British winter will no doubt hit me like a sack of spuds.

Vital stats:

  • 6% APV
  • IPA
  • Brewed by two roads brewery
  • Brewed in America
  • Winner of the 2013 and 2015 GIBF in the wheat beer category


This beer was very Cloudy and very active at the start that produced a three finger head. This head failed to last to the end of the beer disappearing very quickly.



This was rather disappointing, it had a little skunk smell that made me think the beer may have gone off but every example of this beer I’ve had presents in the same way. Once i got past that skunk there was a slight smell of hops but to say it was inviting would be a lie.



Take a direct route to hoppyness it proudly exclaims from the can and oh how I wish that was true. Hops are there but their visit is so fleeting as to be neglible. Doesn’t taste offensive and I can find myself drinking a couple of these but they shouldn’t make promises of hoppyness unless they are willing to deliver.



This beer is readily available in many areas and its often available as art of special offers so the value is there. It can be gotten pretty cheap but considering the sheer amount of better craft and real ale out there this isn’t something i will be seeking out in the future.



This is a rather good session beer, it’s rather inoffensive and travels well. Doesn’t taste spectacular but doesn’t taste bad either I’m going to say give it a try you might find something I didn’t.



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