Day 18: oatmeal stout by fourpure

today we continue our Merry trip through the dark side of beer with this oatmeal stout from fourpure. This can we gotten in most supermarkets here in the uk and comes in a 330ml can, with an abv of 5.1% and an IBU of 28. It was Jet black with one finger head that clung to the glass for dear life. I don’t know if I got an off batch of this beer but there was definitely a bit of funk to the glass, I don’t know if this is par for the course but I can only review what was in the glass before me and I could definitely smell the alcohol with only the slightest bit of malt.bthe taste is letting me know that this may par for the course on This beer. It’s start off promisingly refreshing with a hint of malt but then that ever present over powering alcohol taste, that bitter off putting alcohol taste. This was A little disappointing considering this is one of my favourite types but it just fails to deliver for me


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