Day 19: Brewdog quench quake

today we take in a new style for me, the sour and I’m not to lie it’s not one I’m in a hurry to try again. This was a 4.6% abv and it came in a brown bottle and can be had currently from your local supermarket or brewdog pub. It was golden in colour with very little carbonation and as a result very little in the way of head. Looked very flat in the glass. It had a powerful sweetness smell with a slight hint of citrus on the nose. This beer sells its self as a sour and boy is a sour all you get here. The only thing I get is sour bitterness. This is a typical brewdog beer, much like their marketing these guys forgo any subtlety and go straight for a punch in the face, sometimes this works and others it fails and this is one of those occasions it has failed for me. it’s got big over the top bombastic flavours but very little to back it up. Not enjoyable in any way.



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