Day 22: Sharknando by Northern monk

I’m going to tell you all a terrible secret, one that will haunt me for many, many years. I’ve never seen a Sharknado movie. although I have had northern monks beer that was inspired by the film and that’s the same right? Right? It starts by coming out with a red twang in the glass. The can claim that this beer was blood orange but looked more like melon juice in the glass with a single finger head. On the first sniff, this smells really inviting with a bitter aroma. This beer explodes bitter into your mouth followed in an orderly fashion by sweetness on the front of the tongue. If this sounds nice it is until the two can’t share a room and start to fight over your tongue. This beer is certainly an acquired taste and not one I’ll be seeking out anytime soon. I can talk until I’m blue in the face about all the different nuances of beer but the most important factor is taste and this beer just doesn’t taste nice, it can’t make its mind up as to whether it wants to be sweet or sour and it just ruins what could have been another great beer from northern monk. a quick message to breweries, please pick a flavour profile and stick to it. This beer is so schizophrenic that I don’t see how anyone could enjoy it. This trying to be all things to everyone isn’t helping anyone.


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