Day 31: brewdog lost lager

So brewdog launched this beer with a Rather interesting marketing ploy and weirdly for them it wasn’t insulting or demeaning to anyone. I know I was shocked at this news because I’m used to getting offended when ever I hear the words brewdog and marketing but no, this was a rather inspired piece. Basically if you have a brewdog pub near by you could take any beer in and have it replaced with this lager. They called it the beer amnesty and its basically challenging every lager drinker out there to try something new because what have they got to lose? In future you guys should let who ever came up with this to do all your marketing.

This 4.8% lager comes in various packaging sizes but for this one I got it in a 660ml bottle. It was clear and despite being quite flat it still managed to produce a two finger head. Nothing on the nose. So this tastes very ordinary, I mean it’s a very refreshing beer it honestly I can’t get that advertising out of my head and in all honesty you could replace this with any lager and I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Brewdog have abandoned those big flavours and instead gone for something boring in an effort to reach a more mainstream audience and that’s a shame. Avoid this brewdog beer they make much better brews. I recommend vagabond as a personal favourite.


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