Day 36: Mary Christmas by likely brewery

So today we take a merry turn towards the festive with this one. I know I’m supposed to drink this around Christmas but I never got round to it so it’s appears today as part of a larger drive by myself to make some room in the cellar. This 4.7 % spiced amber ale was bottled in September and like most of these beers is designed to capitalise on the Christmas market. This beer was naturally amber in colour with a single white finger head that disappeared quickly, sweet on the nose with a very delicate and smooth texture in the mouth. It wasn’t nearly as spicy as I’d initially thought and wasn’t nearly as bad as these Christmas ales normally are. In my experience these special Christmas beers are usually brought out to get rid of less that spectacular beers but this was a nice solid beer. Despite saying that there is nothing particularly special about this beer and don’t think I’ll be seeking it out anytime soon.



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