Day 38: veto schokobar

So after a short break in which I got married, had a death in the family and within a couple of weeks of this post going up I shall be the proud owner of my first home with the previously mentioned wife. So given that it’s been a busy couple of months to say the least I’ve not really had time to do the whole beer review thing, that is until today when I shall return. So I’ve missed days before but rather than going back and filling in the gaps like I have before I’ve decided to just start over from November and continue on from here. So today we take a look at another German beer, todays beer is the 6.5% chocolate stout known as veto schokobar. The first thing to hit me was the smell, this beer smells very boozy. It had a very strong smell of alcohol. It also smelled off, this was followed by an overwhelming strong smell of malt. An extremely off putting first impression. There is no chocolate of any kind and the only really taste to this is an overwhelming taste of malt. This isn’t a good beer and to add insult to injury it’s very thin in the mouth, feels like I’m drinking a larger and not the the full figured full flavour I want from my chocolate stout. A Nobel effort from the Germans but sadly not a beer style they appear to have perfected.



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