Day 37: Santa gose down under by nomad brewing

So we continue my journey to clear out the beer closet today with a beer from my second home Australia. Now many of you may not know this but i lived in Australia for over a year and I’m well aware of other Nomad beers. This is still a first for me though. This Christmas beer comes in a interestingly shaped bottle, no doubt in response to Australia’s insane taxation on beers, especially those over 4%. This beer comes in at a boozy 7.5%, will this prove overpowering or will the other flavours of the beer shine through? To cut a long story short the simple answer is no. It’s brown in colour, with visible yeast in the glass and no head to speak of. Was bready and yeasty on the nose with a boozy bitter flavour followed by a sweetness on the tongue. This is a beer that cant seem to make its mind up. Incredibly disjointed and if this was someone’s first experience of nomads beers I don’t think they go back for a second. Although i just wrote a very brief review of this beer I think the biggest indicator as to weather I enjoyed this or not is how much of it I’m willing to drink and truth be told i had two mouthfuls of this and immmediately dumped it down the sink and I think that’s all i really have to say in those regards.


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