Day 39: kneebuckler IPA by Peerless brewing

So after yesterdays disastrous beer I’ve decided to steer the ship a little closer to home with this little number from one of my local breweries. Well a little closer to my old home anyway. Peerless brewing is a an school beer who claims to be a craft beer brewer but personally I’d place them more in the real ale camp. Although the difference between the two is a highly debated thing for me personally craft deals more with big bold flavours while real ale is more reserved but packed full of complex layered flavours. This IPA comes in a standard 500ml bottle and has a middle of the road APV of 5.2%, hardly what I’d call a kneebuckler but APV has never been an indicator of a good beer for me. Was golden brown in colour with a two finger head that hung on to the glass. A bready aroma with a refreshing full flavour taste. Slightly hoppy and very little in the way of mind blowing but a good solid beer and sometimes that’s all you need. I recommend this beer and if you can find it you’ll more than likely find it at a very reasonable price.


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