Day 42: Elf juice by bad co

Just when I thought I’d disposed of all mention of Christmas from the house this beer appeared from the back of the beer cupboard today. A few days ago I gave a brief description as to why I don’t like Christmas beers and the short answer to why is that I feel a lot of breweries use it as an excuse to throw subpar beers onto the market in the hopes that a Christmas label will make all the Christmas nuts buy the beer. I mention this because I think that’s exactly what has happened here with elf juice. Was flatter than I wish my stomach was with no head to speak of. This is followed by a complete lack of aroma and taste for that matter. I’d avoid this beer if I was you there is nothing here to excite or thrill and this just leaves ones taste buds depressed and alone. Thinking about it it may be the perfect Christmas beer.



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