Day 49: neu blk by andunion

So this is a new style for me. Firstly it’s dark just like my soul and secondly it’s a larger. I’ve never had a black larger before but I’m very curious as to what this beer hold for me. Black in the glass with a small silver of white head. Clean on the nose with slight hop smell. This is a very strange sensation for me, this beer is unmistakably a larger, it’s clean and refreshing in the mouth with just a subtle hint of bitterness on the tongue. A perfect larger bit it’s black and I’m not sure what the brewery has achieved by that fact. Yes, it’s startling to me look to at and does get me thinking but I don’t see what this fact has given to this beer in any way. Despite what I think is clearly a gimmick I can’t deny that this is a great larger and I shall be purchasing more.



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