Day 53: midway session ipa by goose island

Now I’m not saying that the good weather is all down to me but I have been wishing really really hard for it so I think I deserve at least 60% of your thanks. For today’s beer, we take a jaunt across the pond to America with a session IPA From goose island, it’s comes in a 330ml can and has an APV of 4.1%. Golden in the glass with a single finger white head. Looks like a larger rather than an IPA. Slight smell of malt on the nose. It smells like a larger, I’m suspecting this may be larger but trying to capitalise on the unsuspecting craft beer drinker. There is a slight hint of hops, like the smallest teeniest amount of it. Imagine an asthmatic blowing vigorously on you and you might get how weak this taste is. This is a very mediocre beer at best and a poor IPA at it’s worse. This beer represents everything people dislike about goose island who at this point I think only exist to trick the curious and produce an ever increasing number mediocre beers.


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