Day 54: nebula by wild beer

I seem to be repeating myself recently but today I have a rare Saturday off so I’m spending it on the couch playing games, watching Netflix and having a couple of beers. The first of those beers is by wild beer brewery and I’m not the biggest fan of their beers if I’m truly honest, they tend to go for really overpowering flavours that just ruin the overall beer. This comes in a 330ml can with an APV of 5% and is billed as a hazy IPA with fruit aromas, I think they confuse sweet aroma with fruity but then I’m not the marketing maestro here. It was cloudy and golden in the glass with a two finger head. Sweetness on the nose but no discernible fruity aroma. What it did have though was a a powerful hit of full-bodied bitterness followed by a sickly sweetness that overpowers any good this beer has. This is sadly a beer for you to avoid.



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