Day 60: Honour by Northern Monk

Following the last few days of soso beers and dark dingy beers, I’ve returned to the favoured territory with a triple IPA from northern monk and if I know one thing about northern monk they make damn fine ipas. This beer is semi-opaque and looks Very lovely in the glass with a head the size of my fist and I have a very large fist. Hoppy citrus goodness, they really do know how to make a damn fine IPA if the smell is anything to go by. I’m a little scared to drink this beer, I mean can it be as good as my initial impression? I know the suspension is killing you so I’ll let you know it is. Northern monk really does make fantastic ipas. It enters your mouth with a shot of bitter hops that bounce around your mouth on their way down your gullet. Wonderfully boozy, it warms this little reviewers heart. A fantastic example of the form once again by northern monk and one I’ll be seaking out again.


Today’s song is a little out of left field but one of my more favourite songs about unrequited love. This is very much in the geek rock crowd and I think you should give it a listen.

Code monkey by Johnathon Coulton


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