Day 61: amber bolossom by wiper and true

So today’s beer has a many an instruction on how to store it and if I’m honest I’ve ignored them all. It also has a best before date of 2017 and considering this was delivered six weeks ago this could be a very interesting drink indeed. Looks like dirty water in the glass with lots of yeast floating around, I did store it horizontally so that may explain it but I’m not too concerned with the look it’s all about the flavour. Booze on the nose. Considering it’s two years out of date it’s not too bad to drink. Very little in the way of flavour it just tastes like beer. I can’t describe it any other way. It taste like you’d expect and that is Neither brilliant or offensive it just is and as a result this gets a very middle of the road score.


Today’s song is from those darling of indie rock and much like this beer it’s best days we’re many years ago. I kid but today’s song is the latest number from vampire weekend harmony hall. Vampire weekend we’re one of my favourite bands back in the day but I feel they lost a little something in their follow up but this song infused them with a new direction and I think you should give it a listen.


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