Day 62: adnams broadside

Today I review an old favourite of one. Broadside is one of those real ales that got me interested in more refined taste. This also scratches my history itch as this beer was first brewed to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the battle of Sole Bay. Which is an often forgotten war between the British and the Dutch, the only real power to threaten British dominance of the ocean until the 20th century. The name is derived from the broadside of guns that the British were fond of using against their enemies. This beer comes in both cask and bottle and is around 5%. this beer was Amber In colour with a single finger white head. Not much on offer on the nose with nothing really standing out. Wonderful cask carbonation on the tongue, Malt and chocolate flavours do come through though but there’s something else that I can’t quite place. This is a good solid beer that’s a perfect example of the cask. I recommend you give it a try at your local next time your there.


Today’s song is another from my youth, it’s can’t stand me now by the Libertines. The Libertines were a big part of my indie phase and you should give them a quick listen to bring back memories of when you thought you were cool.


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