Day 63: hallo ich bin Berliner Weisse by Mikkeller

So I’m confidently informed that apparently were in spring and the weather is meant to get better soon. I mean British strawberries are already appearing in the shops and everything. So given that news, its time for a little something for fruity and seasonable in my glass tonight and by that, I don’t mean the shirt I wore last week, I mean a raspberry flavoured beer from Mikkeller. Comes in a big 500ml can with a raspberry pattern all over the can, its almost like their trying to tell us somethong. Dark red in the glass, looks like strawberry vimto. Two finger head on the top that had a lot staying power. Oh that smells sweet, smells like strong raspberry syrup. First impressions of this beer is that it’s like being shot in the mouth with raspberry. This taste just over powers any form of nuance this beer has and tips this beer into an overly bitter mess. Another example of a fine brewer trying a beer that’s not for me. If you like fruity sweet beers then you may like this but it’s not for me.


Song of the day Is gold on the ceiling by black keys. This song always come to mind when i think of my time working on a farm in Australia and i cant explain it but I’m a little nostalgic for those times now.

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