Day 69: dandelion and burdock by hoopers

so it’s may, the sun has come out and the temperature has creeped above 10 degrees so that can only mean one, it’s summer time. Dandelion and burdock Is one of those Quintessential English fizzy pop drinks. It’s made by combining the dandelion flowers and burdock flowers with sugar and letting it ferment. So I’m guessing all that was needed to make it alcoholic was yeast. Now I’m not a brewer so take my advice with a grain of salt. Dandilion is a drink that just makes me think of British summers And happier simple times. So while I’m aware many of you have no idea what this mystical drink is I can assure you it’s a hidden British gem. This looks like dandelion and burdock, smells like it and most importantly it tastes like it. In essence this is pop for adults.


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