Day 76: The cloud by still water artisanal

So on a recent trip to Leeds I was lucky enough to be staying at a hotel overlooking one of northern breweries pubs. So after a heavy night of exploring the many cocktail bars of Leeds (I’m allowed other interests people) I decided to drop in and Give the place a go. So after many drinks I pick this can up as a little gift to future sober me from past drunk me. It’s comes in a blue and white water etched pattern can. It’s a big boy at 500ml with an APV OF 7%. Was thin in the mouth with a slight hint of bitter and an aftertastes that just Bounces from taste bud to taste bud on the back of the tongue. You know your drinking a seven percent beer with this one as the strength hits the back of your throat. This kick to the back of the throat doesn’t diminish this beer too much but it doesn’t help it either. This is a a solid beer but I get the sense that it could have been spectacular if it wasn’t for that kick.


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