Day 78: Neapolitan by northern monk

Another day, another beer from northern monk. Today’s is meant to invoke feelings of childhood by bringing up memories of Neapolitan ice-cream. Now in my house you’d often open the box to find all the banana was gone and it may have been me who ate it all because I didn’t get this waist line by accident. Comes in a pink 330ml can with an APV of 6.2%. Golden with half a finger white head. Sweet cream on the nose with a sweetness in the mouth that’s Very full flavoured but it’s the only flavour that’s on offer here. It’s also a very overpowering flavour that brings up thoughts of spoiled cream rather than a sweet taste one would hope to enjoy in the summertime. Imagine opening a Carton of cream and just chugging and that’s this beer. Not a pleasant experience.


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