Day 131: Zero zero by Arbor Ales

So myself and the wife have been binging our way through glee recently. I’m not ashamed of my gleek ways but I’m well and truly into the bad part of the show with season 5. so I decided to remind myself of something fun with a beer. This comes in a pint can at 568ml with an APV of 4.3%. Golden and opaque in colour with a frothy 3 finger head. Citrus on the nose with full bodied feel yet subtle hoppiness that’s a rare beast these days but one this reviewer appreciates. A great easy drinker here from arbor and one I’ll be having again in the future.


Song of the day for this one is zero zero by operator please because not only is this a yeah yeah yeahs inspired piece it’s also the first thing that came to my mind upon seeing this beer and thanks to this beer i was  about their fantastic first album.

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