Day 133: juicy Lucy by clay nano brewery

Hell there my fine folks today I’m going to hit two of the big craft beer smug points. Tonight’s beer is both local to myself, being from a brewery within walking distance of my house and it’s also a nano brewery. So my craft beer score is a lot higher than yours today. Juicy Lucy is a ipa from clay brewing which is based in skemsdale Lancashire. This small batch unfiltered 6.2% ipa comes in a 500ml bottle and was bottled on 01/06/10. So not only is it local, from a nano brewery it’s also fresh from the source. I should point out that the smugness is completely in jest. This is brown in colour with a two finger head, this is not the prettiest of beers to look at if I’m being truly honest. Hops and yeast bready aroma on the nose with a wonderfully refreshing beer on the tongue. Full mouth feel with hippiness that’s dances over front of the tongue. A classic nano brewery pint, some Room for improvement especially in the looks department but the fundamentals are here in the taste.


Song of the day for me I want to be your girlfriend by Ezra furman. This song sees Ezra going through an identity crisis/broken heart and just screaming into the universe wanting someone to love them and I think we’ve all been there.

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