Day 142: Pabst blue ribbon

So we once again move away from the craft beer world and venture into more well trodden waters. There’s nothing wrong with some of these beers from the bigger breweries. Some of theses beers Will be the greatest most thirst quenching stuff you’ll ever drink and some of them are only good for cleaning your toilet. Which will this be i wonder? This 4.6% APV larger came in a 330ml white and blue can. It was golden in colour with no carbonation or head to be seen. I don’t know were it was but it wasn’t here. There was a general funk of being off with this beer, smelt very bad, tasted the same and generally just bad. How would people drink enough of this beer to get drunk? I mean aren’t they capable of tasting how awful this beer was. This unsurprisingly get a solid 1 from me and should be avoided at all costs.


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