Day 143: Dark side of the goon

384F66CE-7007-40C1-95D4-D5B121912229So today we take another trip to my local beer shop to stock up on all they provide. When i was there i noticed they had made their own beer and boy did they go big out the gate with a 16.4% imperial stout. This sees my local beer shop cat hop beer partnering with clay nano brewery. It Was Jet black with a single finger brown head, it was very boozy on the nose with the slightest hint of coffee. This is certainly a boozy number but alls I’m tasting with this is malt and by that i mean malt extract. if you’ve ever made your own beer or been around someone who has then you’ll be familiar with this ingredient but to cut a long story short its a shortcut ingredient used to speed up fermentation and i only know about it because I’ve home brewed a lot. The short story here is that this beer tastes like home brew, there’s nothing wrong with home brew but if I’m paying 6 pound for a 330ml bottle I personally expect a little more polish in my beer and not something i could reproduce in my shed.


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