What’s in in my fridge 01.

So one of the biggest issues facing the craft beer community is the ever increasing need for the new, this almost obsessive need to find the next big beer often means we neglect those beers that we always reach for. Call these beers what ever you want, your comfort beers, your go to I call these my recommendations and the beers I had in my fridge during the summer months.

Gamma ray by beaver town:

Where better place to start than with one of those darlings of the craft beer scene, ignore the Heineken part ownership and you wont regret this one. Gamma ray is a 5.2 Apv American Pale ale brewed in rainy England by Beavertown. comes in a very bright and colourful can, beautifully golden in the glass with a wholly head that goes on for days, has a sweet aroma with a subtle hint of hobs. subtly bitter on the tongue with a layered hoppy flavour. This beer is sessionable for days and the last is as good as the first.

Cali by tiny Rebel:

img_4323So this is a special one from tiny rebel because it’s the first beer from them I ever had and from that point, I was hooked. Comes in a sky blue 330ml can with an APV of 5%. The aroma travels from the glass to your nose from half a foot away and it just invites you in, wonderfully hoppy on the nose and full bodied explosion of hops In the mouth. This was the first beer I ever had by tiny rebel and it’s a wonderful example of the form.



This is the only beer of this recommendation list that I never actually reviewed, I drank this one night and was so taken a back by the fantastic liquid contained within the glass that i forgot to review it before i ran out. This was a well balanced beer that I couldn’t help but drink. This is a fantastic beer and one I love to have when ever its available. I still don’t know what loose leaf means either.

West coast pale ale by Liverpool craft:

IMG_0622this could be the highest rated beer we’ve ever had on all hail the ale and obviously it hit all areas for me. its starts by looking great, followed this with a hoppy and lively aroma and follows this with powerful hoppy goodness that i’ve come to love, because it delivers in all areas naturally its great value for money and honestly i have drank hundreds of these without ever getting bored. it deserves such a great score and i recommend it to everyone who will listen.

Dutty Vermont session ipa by tiny rebel:


This beer is from tiny rebel is wales via Vermont America because of their use of Vermont hops to give it a delicate taste. Golden and cloudy in the glass with a two finger head. Dank on the nose, hoppy on the tongue with flavour that explodes into the mouth. Another fantastic beer from tiny rebel and a fantastic to drink all day in the sun.
You’ll notice a pattern with these beers, they are all hoppy IPA’. Now I’m more of a real ale and beers on the darker side but I find these very heavy and overpowering to drink in the back garden in the sun. This pattern will be maintained in the next post but as we get into autumn and then winter we’ll hopefully start to see more porter, stouts and a personal favourite of mine the imperial stout.

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