Day 144: Zodiak by ominpolo

There have been several darlings of the craft beer scene in the uk. First it was Camden Town and believe me this is long before the AB Bev acquisition. Then it was Beavortown thanks in this reviewers opinion the fantastic beer that is gamma ray. I think its well and truly clear that ominpollo is that current darling. I mean their appears to be no price too high for craft beer drinkers of the world. This 6.2% APV ipa is brewed in Sweden and comes in a 330ml bottle. It was golden in colour with a single finger head, lovely and hoppy on the nose. It had a wonderful full mouth feel with an ever so subtle taste of hoppy goodness. This beer doesn’t hit with a big and bold flavour but honestly i think this is a good thing. A lot of IPAs confuse bitterness with flavour. This beer and many of the other more subtle IPAs offer the drinker a more layered and diverse drink that isn’t overwhelmed by bitterness. A lot of these ipas tend to go for big flavours but in my opinion the best beer is the one you can drink every night.


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