Day 145: Transpacific pale by Mallison

So today I’ve decided to enjoy the sun and take a walk to my local pub for a pint of cask. I mean i have to enjoy this weather while i can because lets be honest it’ll rain none stop for the next month. This transatlantic pale from mallison was gold and flat in colour with silky single finger head. It had hops on the nose with a mild hit of bitter on the tongue that quickly dissipates but not much else going on. the great thing about casks beers is the smooth full bodied feel in the mouth and this has that feel but sadly it lacks on the flavour front. The hard part about many of the beer i review is the score i give, i mean what if a beer is perfectly serviceable but I didn’t enjoy it as is the case here. I mean I didn’t enjoy it so is it a one or can i look beyond my personal opinions and score this objectively? I’m going to give this one a solid five, its not bad but in this reviewers opinion its not all that and better casks can be had.


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